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On February 2018 Saudi Arabia hosted at King Fahd International Stadium (Riyadh) the country´s first-ever international motorsport competition, The Race of Champions. Racers from Formula 1, Le Mans, IndyCar and Rallycross took part in ROC’s unique head-to-head competition to determine the next Champion of Champions.

In partnership with Race of Champions, Lagardere Sports and the General Sports Authority, Alamiya became the host broadcaster using a plethora of cameras to ensure viewers get to feel every turn and bump of the track.

According to Paul Haines, Director of media production at Lagardère Sports, the main production challenge came “from working in a new region where international standard events other than football are not usually held”. Lagardère Sports partnered with Alamiya to help the show become a reality: “We are using a local OB provider, Alamiya. We are using them because they are the most experienced supplier with the best equipment and crew in the Region and have worked in the King Fahd stadium many times as they are the host broadcaster for most high level Saudi football matches” said Haines.

After a thrilling racing weekend, Ex-Formula 1 driver David Coulthard won the 2018 Race Of Champions, defeating 2003 World Rally champion Petter Solberg in the final.

Relive the best moments of the race and enjoy the breath-taking shots that Alamiya´s cameras captured!

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