EVS and Alamiya Sign Deal at NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—To level up its assets in video production, Alamiya pledged Wednesday, Apr. 10, to step up cooperation with EVS, the worldwide leader in live outside broadcasting systems at the annual National Association of Broadcasters.

Alamiya has selected the International Belgian company for its innovative slow-motion technology in the live sporting events.

The Saudi-based media house frontrunner has been covering the Saudi Professional League for the past six decades and acquiring the highest technology in TV production continuously.

Alamiya sought best to embark on EVS’s 4K/UHD replay servers for its expandable functionality and high resolution.

The video content production can deliver more depth, be more saturated and vivid in shading—the servers’ features include native 4K, a higher dynamic range, X-file, IP Director and EPSIO Live that run on a 10G network.

Additionally, the 2030 vision employed on Saudi Arabia has caused a massive trend toward international sports events’ hosting alongside the increase demand in broadcasting needs, which in result put Alamiya on the growing scale as a media entity.

The expandable internal storage of EVS’s 4K/UHD replay servers is the appropriate technological advancement that Alamiya seized in its production processing—the server can store up to 130+ hours of UHD-4K storage and has a non-ending loop recording feature.

Alamiya’s replay directors can also utilize its IP standards and take the next step toward the ground-breaking generation of reinforced connectivity.

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